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Gelong Thubten

There is a sense of freedom when we are genuinely happy, we are free from desire and other conflicting emotions.

Happiness is a choice...

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Gelong Thubten is a Buddhist monk, meditation teacher and author from the UK. Gelong is a title meaning ‘senior monk’.


Thubten was educated at Oxford University, and then became an actor, in London and New York. At the age of 21, tremendous amounts of stress led him to join a monastery. He ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in 1993 at Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. He has trained there under some of the world's most accomplished teachers of meditation, and has spent six years in intensive meditation retreats, the longest of which was 4 years. 

Thubten specialises in teaching mindfulness meditation internationally, in businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, prisons and addiction counselling centres. He has been teaching for over 20 years and is a world pioneer in the mindfulness movement - teaching in these sectors many years before mindfulness became popular.

Working with major clients such as Google, LinkedIn, Deloitte, Lloyds Bank, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Accenture and Clifford Chance, Thubten has also lectured at Facebook’s London offices and many other global companies. .

As well as speaking at the United Nations, Thubten lectures in schools and universities, and has been a guest speaker at many large events such as Wisdom 2.0 Europe, Me-Convention (Mercedes Benz), which was Europe’s first SXSW Festival, LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in Los Angeles, Fifteen Seconds Festival (Austria and US), WOMAD Festival, Oxford Literary Festival, Gibraltar Literary Festival, Hay Literary Festival and Tech Open Air, Berlin. 

Thubten often appears in the media and was the meditation consultant on the set of Marvel's movie, ‘Dr. Strange’, where he trained Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton in meditation techniques while they were filming. 

A published author, with his own book, “A Monk’s Guide to Happiness” published in June 2019, Thubten also collaborated with Ruby Wax and Ash Ranpura on the best-selling book “How to be Human”. 

Thubten is currently Director of Kagyu Samye Dzong Scarborough, Yorkshire. In addition, he is a Trustee of ROKPA International, an international humanitarian aid organisation with medical, education and cultural projects in some of the world's poorest regions. He is also a Director of Samye Foundation Wales, a mindfulness and wellbeing charity.