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Jamie Watkins

The journey is the destination...


Meditation and control of the monkey mind are the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and to others.

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A passionate individual who set up, developed & sold his first three businesses in engineering, software and the energy markets, Jamie Watkins is owner and founder of Blue Sky Equity, an investment and consultancy firm.


Following the sale of his energy management business - one of the largest energy deals in Europe at the time - Blue Sky Equity was formed to allow Jamie the opportunity to create a new way to share his many years of sales, marketing, technology, innovations, systems & process, commercialisation and business delivery knowledge with companies and individuals looking to find new ways to achieve. 

Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength, with Jamie, who is proud to have been included in a who's who of Britain's Business Elite, at the helm. 


Blue Sky Equity has invested and supported a wide range of businesses with music, mud and meditation forming the basis for its portfolio. Equally as important to Jamie is giving back and he is proud to be an Ambassador for Cancer Research Wales and sit on the Advisory Board at Cranfield University.

At Blue Sky Equity there is a firm belief that whilst your business and brand are important, they are not what solely defines you. Equally as important are the little things, the things you do every day that create you as a character and thus help build your business. Following years of operating at high intensity in the corporate world, Jamie was introduced to renowned Buddhist monk, Gelong Thubten. 

"Perhaps two of the words that best resonated with me at that this time in my life " explained Jamie, "were balance and clarity. I'd learnt so much during my time as an entrepreneur, but it was now time to re-set the scales. Hard work had allowed me to make moves in the business world and obtain an element of financial security, but now it was time to take stock and look at the life around me.

"Fate and circumstances placed me into contact with Thubten who taught me the powers of meditation. From this relationship grew a new business, Samten, a meditation app which is now available and used across the globe. I truly believe that mental health and wellbeing are they keystone to everyone's happiness and success. Meditation and control of the monkey mind are the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and to others.

"I should make it clear," Jamie continued, "that I still thrive in the business world and embrace the opportunities it offers. I have client partners in music, property, health & wellbeing and still strive to achieve in everything I do, but what life and experience has taught me is that everything in life should be balanced."

Together the founders and their team are looking to bringing mediation and mindfulness to the world at a time when mental health is potentially facing its biggest crisis ever.