Image by Aaron Burden
Simon Delve

Leader of people, with a purpose to serve

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To know I am contributing to a better life for many is fulfilling and exciting.


“A family man, leader of people with a purpose to serve others to live their greatest life.”

This is how Simon would describe himself, in 1996 he started working in the corporate world in the automotive industry where he still works today as a centre principal for Lexus. During the past 24 years Simon has also taken some time to experience working in the financial sector whilst living in Zurich. 


In 2007 Simon started leading and building sales and operational teams in the different businesses he helped, during these roles he found he has a great love for inspiring people and also an overwhelming feeling of gratitude when he watches them grow and become the best version of themselves. In a corporate environment work can become stressful, the demands can be high and as they are mainly target driven you are forever seeking the hit of success and balancing it off against the feeling of failure. All this is being managed through fear. 


Simon found that he became really immersed in company culture, how to help people communicate, feel good about themselves and control there emotions, he has also been invited to speak at events to share his thoughts on these areas. 


Early 2019 Simon met Jamie whilst watching their boys play football on a wet day in Nottingham, over the day they spoke of many different things including family, life & work. Jamie gave Simon an insight into meditation and mindfulness and introduced Samten, Simon at this point was sold on the practice and the purpose of Samten and its Co-Founders. Recognising immediately how this would go on to help him and so many people living the same busy lifestyle. Overtime Simon has become an investor / COO and an integral part of the current & future growth of Samten.


“It is an honour to be part of the team within Samten, we are aligned with our purpose to help build a global compassionate community. To know I am contributing to a better life for many is fulfilling and exciting.”